Welcome To Water's Edge Silks!

I learned this technique a few years ago in a class and have been hooked ever since. The very first time, I was so amazed at the beauty of how the dye just flows off the brush and onto the silk so magically. I hope that you enjoy the photos of the steps of painting on silk. Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finally! We get to wear our Scarves!

Beautiful! What fun it is to wear our art work or maybe to give a lovely hand painted scarf to a very special person that was done by you


And More Fun

So much fun, and this is a very relaxing and magical!

SilkScarf Painting Class at Artascope Studios

It has been a long time since I did a post, but life gets a bit crazy and have not been very diligent about keeping up. This last class was taught at Artascope Studios on Cottage Road in Portland. I want to share the beautiful scarves that were created by beautiful women~and how much talent and creativity is in each one of us! However, we need to make certain that we save some time to chill with a little glass of wine or two! We were a very focused group who plowed right through this night! All these scarves were done in 3 hours! Amazing art!